MANUOSH kits include everything you need to enjoy your knitting experience and create exceptional designs that are made unique –  Fashion & Lifestyle produtcs that have been produced in a unique, & sustainable way.

MANUOSH Knit kits are packaged in reusable tote bags.
In addition, our kits contain the correct number of ethically-sourced 100% merino wool or cotton yarn balls. The balls of yarn can also be purchased separately to make your own patterns or to remake a pattern of ours that you already have from another kit. We believe in high-quality, responsible consumption, so all of the components of our kits have been carefully chosen to combine quality and sustainability.

Kits from MANUOSH are available for all levels of knitters (beginner, easy, intermediate and advanced) and in each kit, there is a pattern that carefully explains everything step-by-step so that you won´t get lost while knitting your kit.


You will find the following levels of difficulty in MANUOSH patterns.

Beginner: These patterns are for knitters who are just starting out, and they only include the most basic techniques: knit and purl stitch. The pieces are very simple and straight forward.

Easy: These patterns use easy stitches and basic techniques with repetitive stitches, simple color changes and simple shapes with easy finishing touches.

Intermediate: These patterns have a greater variety of stitches, such as figure-eights, basic braids and simple intarsia. They include the use of double edged and circular needles. The shapes are more complicated.

Advanced: These patterns contain more complex and advanced techniques, such as more complex intarsia, jaquard, figure-eights and braids as well as complex color changes. The shapes are complex.

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